Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My Treat

I treated myself this week and my lovely parcel arrived yesterday - a beautiful pink mixing bowl.  We just had to make a cake to celebrate its arrival, despite trying to do sensible eating.  We opted for a big cake with smarties, just like my granny used to make for special occasions.

It got me to wondering about several things..... I have been wallowing in lots of other peoples lovely blogs and we all seem to like remembering things from our childhoods, the lovely books with their wonderful illustrations, old dolls, teddies and push alongs, in fact anything old.  Why do we like these things so much, is it because then we were just playing at being a Mum or a Wife and there weren't any of the complicated bits??

And also food is associated with all our special childhood times.  My granny used to make this cake when we visited or for sunday school parties.  My mum always felt a bit in awe of granny and felt her cooking wasn't up to scratch, so we used to have Wise Owl cakes from the shop for special occasions. These were covered in lots of icing and had a logo of a little owl on the box.  Then there were sunday school parties with lovely jellies in special dishes and hundreds of cake to choose from. Brownie bring and buys with fudge that hadn't set properly  for sale, very sticky but lovely tasting. 

In honour of the new bowl arriving we borrowed a book from the library on chocolate cakes, lots of easy recipes with simple ingredients, so now we have to try some of these!

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