Friday, 31 January 2014

Winter comforts

I have come across a lot of things about ladybird books lately, but my favourite books are definitely 'What to look for in Spring' etc.  I was sure I had a complete set, but winter is missing, so I think we are alright to have a picture from 'Spring'

This is how it looks on my way to work at the moment.  There are some water meadows surrounding the town I work in and at the moment they are completely flooded, with swans, seagulls and ducks swimming about.

When it is pouring with rain and dark and cold, you need comfort food.  In the 'olden' days (1960s and 70s) we used to have lots of comfort food.  My lovely mother-in-law used to make wonderful old fashioned puddings.   The other day my husband requested (no sniggering now!) Spotted Dick. How lovely to make one, wrapping it up in a cloth and boiling it.  I am sure it is very unhealthy for you, but here it is... and it tasted lovely!

It is soon my birthday and now having a beautiful grandson, I now have more extended family.  Oliver's other granny bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I had been feeling under the weather that day, and my new magazine arrived (Homes and Antiques) together with the lovely flowers, making me feel a lot better.

My photos always have lots of 'junk' in the background, but can you spy what is there - an options booklet! My little baby is embarking on GCSE's - where have the years gone!!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What happened to the year?

2013 has flown by,  I can't believe I didn't write anything since March.  Therefore I will do a big catch up and share the things I have been doing this year.

The summer just flew by and I don't have many pictures and didn't do a lot of making, but then it was August and we had a lovely baby shower for Charlotte.  I loved making the cakes and am so glad I got the special sugar baby for the top of the cake.  It made me think of one that I had as a dolls house baby when I was small. My sister and I both had one, one pink and one blue.

Then my little baby who has now grown rather big, started at his new school - doesn't he look smart in his uniform. 

And then on the 10th September, one week early and within a few hours of getting to the hospital, baby Oliver appeared.  I am such a proud Nanny and very pleased to be sharing the first months of his life.
Halloween came and went.  I made a cake of which I am rather proud.  It is made by using two pudding basins and cooking two cakes.  Hollow out the middle of each and fill with sweets!  A cake pinata..

And now it is Christmas, not a lot of making this year, but I did make some little knitted pigs who will be winging their way to a foreign place very soon.

Some four legged friends who went to a happier hunting ground this year and are remembered with great fondness- Archie and Charlie.

I hope you all have a lovely 2014 and as the rain pours down and the wind howls don't forget spring is just around the corner!!