Saturday, 11 February 2012

Half a Century

Last week I reached the grand age of half a century.  It is a good time to reflect on your life - and I decided all in all that I was quite content and happy with what had happened.  Some of your life you are able to control and decide to take it this way or that, but other times there are things that you just have no control over and have to 'go with the flow'.  But I decided that I really had very few regrets and no urgent need to get things done that had not been done, and I am very much looking foward to the next years... more travelling in this country and others as a pillion passenger on my husbands motorbike, more walks in the beautiful countryside where I live, more projects that may or may not get finished and lots more books to read and maybe just maybe a more flowersome and vegetablesome garden and of course more lovely cakes to be made!

Now my treat for my birthday was to be taken away for the weekend to Weston-Super-Mare...., now you may think this is a strange place to go, but both sets of grandparents lived there and I spent so many happy holidays of my childhood there, but that is for another post with lots to remember.

This weekend we went by car not motorbike and just as well, because it snowed quite a lot and was so, so cold.  But how lovely to walk about and see all the old places and some that I didn't remember seeing before. No donkeys on the sands on this day just lots of snow.

It is hard to find a nice place to eat when you really don't know what they are like, but we found somewhere just so perfect. Everyone who ever goes to Weston should try it - it is called the Lounge Cafe Bar on the sea front, close to Marine Lake. The food was lovely, the setting was lovely and we were so spoiled. Outside it was now raining and so cold and windy, but we were cosy and content and being treated like royalty - but we didn't need the royal mint to pay for it!!

And now all is back to normal, birthday cakes (two of) devoured, chocolates eaten, but very happy and content with my lovely life and family.