Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter to Everyone

I hope you are all having a lovely Easter day, it is beautiful and sunny here but very cold.  Here are just a few pictures from my Easter day....

This is Jacob with a little chick about ten years ago, I just love this photo!
Look at my lovely Easter present, my family know me very well, a lovely dish of Easter cup cakes - there were six to start with....
I love making an Easter tree, I went for a dog walk early yesterday, two dogs, a carrier bag and some scissors, I did get in rather a tangle now and again but managed to get some nice branches for my tree.
And now my happy Easter news - I am going to be a Nanny, my big daughter is expecting a baby in September, so a lovely excuse for lots of knitting.  I have already started on a teddy blanket and the kind man in the paper shop gave me the lovely pattern Bunny Bootees.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

A virtual day in my life!

Well, I was looking at Susan Branch's Blog, a lovely wonderful place, with beautiful drawings and enchanting ideas.

Susan was extolling the virtues of our virtual world and computers and I thought, yes, I could more or less have my dream day via You Tube.

So here is my virtual dream day!!

I would like to wake up and be in Canada having maple syrup pancakes for breakfast, there were no making pancakes in the wild videos, but look at this - a wonderful Sugar Party! I daydreamed I was there with these strangers at there lovely party, having fun and making maple syrup!  (The only time I went to the US, I was so homesick I found it really hard to eat pancakes with maple syrup, and for anyone who knows my passion for eating sweet things, then I must have been sad) : (

Now, after my pancakes, I would take a lovely walk just where I live in the lovely purbeck hills and coast.
Walking with the dogs!

After that we need some lunch and a nice rest.....Lunch in France

And in the afternoon - excitement I think Seeing the world through God's eyes

I would end the day Sailing Home

And so to bed Good night, Sleep Tight, Hope the bed bugs don't bite!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lots of cold days and long evenings means more knitting.  Although sometimes it is very tempting to just curl up and do very little.

Noah is now here and waiting for his animals, he's shown here with a little ted who is ready for a new baby.  They are sheltering under the hyacinths that I had for my birthday.

Finally after such a long time, I finished painting the kitchen just before Christmas.  The curtains have taken an even longer time to make and then a few weeks to finally get up.  Then on my birthday arrived the most beautiful lights to match my curtains.  All I have to do now is put all the pictures back up and make some bunting!

And to deserve my evening sitting down knitting and dreaming, we went for a very long chilly walk by the sea, but it was beautiful.

Friday, 25 January 2013

I've been absent for a little white and have had some complaints, but it has been very busy.

It was Christmas and we had a lovely time.  Usually I just try to make one thing, but this time I managed to finish knitting three little things for  Christmas presents.  The night before delivering I was wrapping up, finishing the little things until 2 am all with the help of a little sherry. (I don't drink very much at all, but when it gets to December then its time to break open the sherry!)

Here are some pictures of the things I made

My latest lovely books I am knitting from are Noahs Knit's and Tiny Bears to Knit and Crochet

I hope to make a whole Noah's Ark full of animals - I have always loved Noah's Arks and for a long time dreamed of making a wooden one, but that is a whole lot of new skills but knitting I can do.  I have digressed a little and made a bright green pig for Jacob and am now making a lavender one (with lavender in) for a special young lady!  Pictures of these another day.

I have also purchased reading glasses to help with sewing and embroidery and a special marking pen for embroidery, but so far no time for this.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

(also loving my Molly Makes calender and keep forgetting to buy double pointed needles to make the lovely owl wrist warmers)