Saturday, 9 March 2013

A virtual day in my life!

Well, I was looking at Susan Branch's Blog, a lovely wonderful place, with beautiful drawings and enchanting ideas.

Susan was extolling the virtues of our virtual world and computers and I thought, yes, I could more or less have my dream day via You Tube.

So here is my virtual dream day!!

I would like to wake up and be in Canada having maple syrup pancakes for breakfast, there were no making pancakes in the wild videos, but look at this - a wonderful Sugar Party! I daydreamed I was there with these strangers at there lovely party, having fun and making maple syrup!  (The only time I went to the US, I was so homesick I found it really hard to eat pancakes with maple syrup, and for anyone who knows my passion for eating sweet things, then I must have been sad) : (

Now, after my pancakes, I would take a lovely walk just where I live in the lovely purbeck hills and coast.
Walking with the dogs!

After that we need some lunch and a nice rest.....Lunch in France

And in the afternoon - excitement I think Seeing the world through God's eyes

I would end the day Sailing Home

And so to bed Good night, Sleep Tight, Hope the bed bugs don't bite!


  1. Love your view of a virtual world and thanks for the links.........

  2. By the time I got to this some of the links have been wiped but I love that we have so many shared memories and yet there's still things I have to learn about you!