Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What happened to the year?

2013 has flown by,  I can't believe I didn't write anything since March.  Therefore I will do a big catch up and share the things I have been doing this year.

The summer just flew by and I don't have many pictures and didn't do a lot of making, but then it was August and we had a lovely baby shower for Charlotte.  I loved making the cakes and am so glad I got the special sugar baby for the top of the cake.  It made me think of one that I had as a dolls house baby when I was small. My sister and I both had one, one pink and one blue.

Then my little baby who has now grown rather big, started at his new school - doesn't he look smart in his uniform. 

And then on the 10th September, one week early and within a few hours of getting to the hospital, baby Oliver appeared.  I am such a proud Nanny and very pleased to be sharing the first months of his life.
Halloween came and went.  I made a cake of which I am rather proud.  It is made by using two pudding basins and cooking two cakes.  Hollow out the middle of each and fill with sweets!  A cake pinata..

And now it is Christmas, not a lot of making this year, but I did make some little knitted pigs who will be winging their way to a foreign place very soon.

Some four legged friends who went to a happier hunting ground this year and are remembered with great fondness- Archie and Charlie.

I hope you all have a lovely 2014 and as the rain pours down and the wind howls don't forget spring is just around the corner!!

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