Sunday, 20 February 2011

Celandines and Steam Trains

There have been a few springy days this week, in between the rain.  The sun has been out and its been lovely, the sea is then like a magnet, it doens't take me long to find an excuse to go there.  Today after all the wind a lot of cuttle fish have been blown on to the beach.

The flowers are all beginning to come out little by little, we have snowdrops out and in some places I have seen daffodils actually open.  But my favourite thing which says that spring  is actually here is the celandine.  I was walking along by the station and saw my first celandines on the bank.

  They make me thing of being a child in a little country town and making dens in wild places. 

In my garden I have a kind of honeysuckle bush that always amazes me.  It is about fourteen years old and is in a pot which is really too small for it. It orignally belonged to my mum and then came to live with me when she died.  It gets too dry in summer and too cold in winter but each spring it begins to shoot and it is already full of little sprouting leaves. 
I like daydreaming of what I am going to grow this year, definitely sweet peas.  I always grow these usually in pots, but I am planning to put  a few in my little veg garden this year. Courgettes too, these were a new venture for us last year and were lovely. 
Yesterday I started chopping the buddleia down, it should be done in February but last year I forgot, so it is rather large and bushy now.  I am also hoping to buy a bramley apple tree very soon, they have to be planted before March is over.  I do miss my apple trees from my old house and look very enviously at other peoples apple trees, so I think it is my time to have another one!

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