Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Books I have been reading

I have found some lovely books just lately.  I have really enjoyed 'Cloth Girl' and 'The assocation of foreign spouses' by Marilyn Heward Mills.  Set in Ghana, one just before the war and the other in the eighties.  They really transport you to a different way of life in a different country, very interesting.

I have also just finished 'My name is Mary Sutter' by Robin Oliveira.  This is wonderful, it is about a midwife who wants to become a surgeon. But the time is the American Civil War, eventually she does get her wish.  It is rather gruesome in places, ("mum, mum you're not listening to me"  "well, someone is just getting their leg chopped off") and defintely DO NOT read if you are having a baby in the near future, but otherwise hugely recommended.

Also the Jade Del Cameron mysteries by Suzanne Arruda.  This is 'Out of Africa' with a mystery , I have just read the first one of these and am now ready to start no.2.

And light reading, Christina Jones - 'Moonshine' and 'The way to a womans heart' (more cake!) and Carole Matthews 'The only way is up'.

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