Saturday, 22 January 2011

A teddy is for life....

We found these two teddies and kitten at the dump at the beginning of the summer, they were in the top of a box in the 'could be useful to someone' section.  They are probably about as old as me, and very well loved, they have been patched up and mended by someone, so it was very sad to find them there.  We paid our money and brought them home, where they now live with my monkeys in my bedroom. I think 'waving' ted is the friendliest, he has been stitched up in such a way that he is always waving at you.

The blue teddy in the seat below, is my mums, he was at first called Bruin, but as children we christened him Ruin, due to his long and hard life! My mum gave him a birthday party probably for his 50th , I think this was when he was given his rather grand seat.  My sisters and mums grandchildren came to the party together with our own teddies, and had a proper birthday tea.  Its good to do things like that!!  The little ted is mine, named Maxi after Max Bygraves (!). He is in severe need of me stitching up his nose, which I must do.
For anyone who loves Teddys, they should read the book called  ' The teddy that no-one wanted' by the Ahlbergs, a lovely book for children and adults alike.(see right)

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